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PharmaForce Reports has solidified its position as a global market leader in custom and syndicated market intelligence and benchmarking because of our commitment to utilizing primary market research in our reports. While many firms rely heavily on secondary data sources, PharmaForce Reports prides itself on the extensive use of primary research in all of our report offerings.

When your organization purchases a PharmaForce Reports offering, whether custom or syndicated, you can be confident that the data included in the report was derived from one-on-one interviews and personal discussions with knowledgeable industry personnel. The use of surveys and secondary data sources is limited and is often used only as background research prior to beginning the project.

Our experienced team of Research Analysts, Project Managers, and Business Unit Directors have decades of experience in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and competitive intelligence industries, which allow them to move from a standard structured interview to interactive and enlightened discussions surrounding the topic at hand. This type of dialogue allows our team to gain insider insights that are not found through other data sources.

Once the body of data is gathered through extensive one-on-one dialogues, it undergoes a strict triangulation process and is carefully reviewed by our experienced team of Project Managers before being included in a published report. PharmaForce Reports relies on multiple data sources for the same data point to ascertain the most accurate and reliable data possible.

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