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PharmaForce Reports specializes exclusively in commercial operations benchmarking and competitive intelligence for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries in India and surrounding regions. Our highly specialized team of research professionals are experts in the Indian pharmaceutical market, drawing upon years of experience in both competitive intelligence and pharmaceutical industry experience.

Our product offerings can be divided into three unique categories consisting of syndicated reports in areas such as oncology, custom research projects designed with our clients’ specific needs in mind, and our Global Deployment Analyzer. Regardless of our clients’ data needs, PharmaForce Reports can develop packages and offerings to assist our clients in everything and anything surrounding commercial operations strategies in India and surrounding markets.

PharmaForce Reports’ research methodologies rely heavily on primary market research derived from one-on-one interviews and in-depth conversations with key industry personnel. We do not use computer generated surveys, as we believe that personal conversations and unstructured interviews result in richer, more comprehensive data collection than can be derived by utilizing surveys. Our loyal clients have come to appreciate the quality and depth of the data provided in PharmaForce reports and analysis.



PharmaForce International

PharmaForce International is a global company headquartered in Reading, PA, United States, with offices and affiliates in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. With over 60 employees worldwide, our expert team has assisted many of the leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies in gathering the intelligence that their organizations need to develop strategy and benchmark their organizations against those of their key competitors. Our unique client base includes a sampling of the largest global pharmaceutical companies, midsize organizations and several of the leading small-to-midsize biotech startups.

PharmaForce International has developed therapeutic area specialty in dynamic areas such as oncology, biosimilars, immunology and rare diseases to name a few. Our Global Deployment Analyzer is the largest regularly updated web-based tool detailing sales force deployment and metrics in the world. In the United States alone, the Global Deployment Analyzer captures over 80% of field force headcount across over 55 organizations. No other available field force data is as thorough or accurate as that contained in the Global Deployment Analyzer.

PharmaForce International's Deployment Analyzer

Our Global Deployment Analyzer is a unique tool that is unparalleled in its capture of field force deployment and metrics. The Deployment Analyzer is a region-specific tool available for Brazil, India, Europe, Japan, and the United States. Click here to learn more.

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