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Custom Research

While many client needs can be satisfied with our extensive library of off-the-shelf syndicated reports and subscriptions, PharmaForce International is a market leader in conducting proprietary market intelligence for our clients. In fact, we conduct more than 60 percent of our research for proprietary projects for individual clients.

At PharmaForce International, we excel in performing customized, targeted analysis of the commercial operations strategies and structures of pharmaceutical and biotech companies across the globe.

Here are just a few reasons why our clients chose a proprietary, custom project:

  • The region of interest is not profiled in a syndicated offering
  • Our syndicated offerings are targeted to cover the major markets in the global pharmaceutical industry. However, our scope does not end with those markets. Custom research expands our coverage to markets that were not profiled in a syndicated offering.

  • There are no current reports in the therapeutic area of interest
  • Our syndicated offerings tend to focus on extremely dynamic therapeutic areas feature many competitors. With custom research, clients can choose to focus on therapeutic areas of interest to their organization.

  • The competitor of interest in not profiled in a syndicated offering
  • While our syndicated reports are designed to be as comprehensive as possible, sometimes we do not include all competitors in a particular therapeutic area or market. However, just as with the regions, our scope does not end with the profiled companies. We have the ability to profile any pharmaceutical or biotech company in most global markets.

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